Matis Paris Glow-Aging wins Editor's Choice Award at the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards

Matis Paris Glow-Aging wins Editor's Choice Award at the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards

We are excited to announce that Matis Paris Glow-Aging moisturiser has won Editor’s Choice Award at the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards!

Glow-Aging, which was one of the most highly voted products in its category, is the perfect multi-tasker for all busy mamas. With a dual action that targets wrinkles and boosts radiance, it’s a must-have for tired skin in need for a quick boost in a simplified skincare routine.

Its rich and creamy texture provides a genuine sense of comfort. Its formula blends a dual hyaluronic acid combo (high molecular weight and fractionated) to plump up and moisturise the skin, with an active ingredient that relaxes the muscles. This cream for dull and tired skin also contains an active ingredient extracted from micro-algae that re-oxygenates and refreshes the skin. This is combined with optimised vitamin C, renowned for evening out skin tone and revealing its natural glow. Finally, an exfoliating enzyme eliminates dead skin cells while gently stimulating cellular renewal. Skin is plumped up and features are relaxed. The complexion is harmonious, brighter, and fresher. Better oxygenated, the skin is radiant and full of vitality once more.


Hyaluronic acid : Known to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight hydrates and plumps the epidermis of the most dull and tired skins.

Oxygenating active ingredient : Extracted from a micro-algae, this active ingredient activates the mitochondrial detoxification process. The recycling of metabolic wastes is improved, and the oxygenation of the skin is increased. The skin is brighter and fresher. Signs of fatigue are reduced.

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Glow-Aging is the second Matis product to win a Beauty Shortlist Award this year, with Age B-Mood winning Editor's Choice Award at the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Awards in March 2023.

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