Nutri-CC, the new Matis formula for perfect skin

Nutri-CC, the new Matis formula for perfect skin

Nutri-CC is the newest addition to Matis Reponse Cosmake-up, a range of intelligent skincare/make-up hybrid products.

The Nutri-CC Formula

This multiple care colour corrector cream addresses issues like redness, sallowness, uneven skin tone, and dark spots. The encapsulated pigments in its formula melt in contact with the skin turning from white to beige to match every skin tone. As a result, they illuminate and unify the complexion for a natural look of skin perfection.

Nutri-CC also contains Shea Butter. Rich in triglycerides and vitamins, this butter has regenerating and softening virtues. It softens the skin and moisturises it in depth. For extra nourishing action, the formula also contains Macadamia oil. Light and non-greasy, Macadamia oil is known for its nourishing, restructuring, moisturising and soothing qualities and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

To serve the multi-purpose nature of the product, Nutri-CC also has an SPF10 index to keep the skin protected from sun damage. The lightweight and comfortable texture of the product makes it perfect for every day use either on its own or under your foundation.

CC-Cream vs BB-Cream, the differences

BB creams are all-in-one products that offer skincare benefits like hydration and light to medium coverage. They are provide the perfect natural, "no-makeup" look. CC-creams on the other hand focus on addressing specific colour-related skin concerns.

In terms of texture, BB creams have a slightly thicker texture compared to CC creams and provide a dewy or natural finish. CC creams have a lighter texture, offering a matte or semi-matte finish.

The Matis Hyalu-BB BB-cream has a fluid velvet-finish texture that leaves the skin soft and radiant. Its formula draws on a natural, botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid and colour-correcting pigments to adapt to all shades of skin tone. This BB cream also contains SPF15 for protection against UV radiation. After application the skin is left perfectly hydrated and protected, with blemishes and unevenness blurred.

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