Party-ready with Matis Paris

Party-ready with Matis Paris

Party season is a upon us with loads of events and festivities planned around the Christmas holidays. We all want to look our most radiant, glorious selves when attending these events so Matis Paris brings you all the essentials for a flawless look that is both natural-looking and captivating.

Hyalu-Liss Primer

The first step for creating the perfect party make-up, is adding a simple magic product to your beauty routine: the complexion base. Placed between your day cream and foundation or BB cream, it optimises makeup application and stability while blurring skin imperfections.

Hyalu-Liss Primer, the Matis Paris complexion base has a unique texture that instantly melts into the skin. The Hyaluronic Acid-based filling technology and micro-powders work deep within the formula to instantly soften the appearance of wrinkles, erasing pores in a flash for a seamless blurred effect. It also works as a true protective shield for the skin from makeup, but also external aggressions such as cold and pollution. Leaves the texture of the skin smoothed, even and blemish-free.

Hyalu-Liss Foundation

After creating our base, we continue our party make-up look with a foundation that gives a radiant, luminous and blemish-free complexion that looks natural and dewy.

Hyalu-Liss is an intelligent multi-tasking product that is both a foundation and skincare. Its silky, lightweight texture glides over the skin. Hyaluronic acid-based filling technology works deep within the formula alongside an elasticity-boosting active ingredient. For a flawless finish, pearly light-reflecting particles add instant brightness, recreating the skin’s natural glow. As a result, it moisturises, brightens and smooths the skin for a natural finish.

Hyalu-Liss is available in 3 shades, light beige, medium beige and dark beige, and is suitable for all ages, filling in wrinkles and fine lines.

Used together these two products create the perfect canvas for the rest of the party make-up look, for a glamorous result that will stand out.

Hyalu-Liss Primer and Hyalu-Liss are both found in the Matis Paris Reponse Cosmake-Up along with Haylu-BB and Nutri-CC.


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