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Matis Paris U.K.

ECLAT TRAVEL SET Suitable for the dullest skins

ECLAT TRAVEL SET Suitable for the dullest skins

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This set contains :

GLOW-ESSENCE 200ml - Invigorating radiance toner

GLOW-SERUM 30ml - Radiance revealing serum

GLOW-DETOX 50ml - Radiance care, anti-fatigue, detoxifying

NUTRI-CC 50ml - CC cream SPF 10, complexion-unifying


GLOW-ESSENCE : At the heart of the formula, Activ’Glow complex enriched with essential minerals helps detoxify and strengthen skin cells. The toner also combines optimized vitamin C, renowned for its ability to even out skin tone and restore radiance, with a triple acid exfoliating complex that is ideal for lifting away dead skin cells that dull the complexion and stimulating cell renewal. So much more than a simple cleansing toner, it invigorates skin and reveals its natural glow, leaving it fresh, primed and ready to soak up the benefits of beauty products.

GLOW-SERUM : This serum also contains a brightening citroflavonoid-based active ingredient to boost the effects of the Vitamin C and enhancing radiance.

GLOW-DETOX : Its rich, melting texture releases the goodness of the active ingredients without delay. At the heart of the formula, the Activ’Glow Complex brings to the skin essential minerals needed to revitalize and brighten the complexion. This detoxifying and antioxidant complex protects cells skin to rejuvenate the complexion. This cream also combines silk tree properties to erase the signs of fatigue, and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. The skin is refreshed and radiant. The complexion is radiant and detoxified.

NUTRI-CC : The formula of this multi-action cream features encapsulated pigments that help to brighten up and even out the complexion. These pigments melt on contact with the skin, adapting to all skin tones from light to dark, leaving the complexion smooth and even. The light, white texture turns beige, while the shea butter and macadamia nut oil nourish the skin. The complexion is unified, and skin is protected from the sun thanks to the SPF 10 filter. Dermatologically tested.

Period after opening : 12 months.

Made in France


GLOW-ESSENCE : Activ’Glow complex + Optimized vitamin C 8%

GLOW-SERUM : Optimized vitamin C 8% + Hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight

GLOW-DETOX : Activ’Glow complex + Silk tree

NUTRI-CC : Macadamia nut oil + Shea butter


GLOW-ESSENCE - Apply to the face and neck using a cotton pad, morning and evening 

GLOW-SERUM - Apply to the face, neck and décolleté, before the Glow-Detox cream of Reponse Eclat. 

GLOW-DETOX - Apply to the face, neck and décolleté, after the Glow-Serum of Reponse Eclat. 

NUTRI-CC - Apply to the entire face and neck, either alone or on top of your cream


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